Sears Appliance Expert to the Rescue

Sears appliance experts can repair just about anything

A Sears Home Services repairman can fix just about anything — especially when you’re having one of those days.

Meet Hector Ramirez, a Sears Appliance Expert Technician based in College Station, Texas, who has been with the company for 15 years.

You’re having one of those days. One of your kids is home sick from school, the Internet’s down, and the washing machine overflows right when you’re running out the door for an appointment.

Who do you call? Hector or one of his colleagues (there are more than 6,600 of them across the nation).

We asked Hector some questions about his job and what to expect from the Sears Appliance Expert.

What if I didn’t buy my appliance at Sears?

We’re the number-one authorized national repair service for Kenmore, but we’ll fix almost any appliance brand — even if you didn’t purchase it from Sears.

How do you know how to fix everything?

I was always mechanically inclined, but what drew me to my job is the reputation of Sears for being so good. I’m proud to be a Sears technician because they train you well. They give you the resources to succeed, and they continue to do so through the years so you become a better technician.

All Sears technicians receive about 320 hours of training before we hit the road, because we each do 1,100 or so repairs each year. I spent two weeks at the Sears Home Services Chicago Tech School in training classes and then I worked with an experienced tech for about eight weeks. I learned about how things work and how to troubleshoot. Now, I’m a lead mentor and I ride with other team members to help them learn their trade.

Do the Sears technicians have particular specialties?

I’m a generalist since I live in a big, rural area; I do microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, water systems and central air repairs. But in metro areas, there are specialists who focus on refrigeration, cooking or laundry appliances.

Please tell me my repair experience isn’t going to make my already bad day worse. I don’t want to wait around all day.

That won’t happen. We have a new system where, around 8 a.m., we contact every morning customer with an update. So you can go about your business and not be stuck waiting for us. Then we do the same thing with the afternoon shift. It helps us, too, since we don’t run into angry people at the end of the day. Plus, we have fully loaded trucks with about 450 parts in stock. So whatever you need done we can probably do on that day.

What do you like best about your job?

I really like interacting with the customers, knowing they can lean on me for help and that I can take care of them. I can also help the company by doing a good job for the customers.

Working as a Sears appliance technician is not just about repairing things, it’s also about improving myself and my family. I’ve got three young kids, and they love to watch me work on things at home and hand me tools. They’re proud because they know I can help them fix stuff. Not just that — it’s being able to be independent that makes kids work hard, because they have skills to fall back on. My kids know if something breaks, their dad can fix it, and they have a better life since they also know how to fix things.

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