Repairmen You Can Trust

Sears by the numbers

Sears Appliance Experts are tackling major repair projects all over the country.

When looking at service providers, one of your main criteria should be expertise — and the Sears Appliance Experts have exactly that. From intense, hands-on training to experience with appliance repairs in millions of homes across America, our Sears technicians are doing great things, and the numbers prove it. Plus, they’ve got trucks packed full of parts and ready to roll.

repairmen you can trust

When it comes time to repair your appliances, the Sears Appliance Experts have what it takes to keep your home in working order. And the best part? It doesn’t matter where you bought your appliance. If the Sears technician cannot fix your problem, ask your Sears repair technician about discounts on replacement purchases. For more information, visit our site for repairs.

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Repairmen You Can Trust

Sears Expert Service by the Numbers How our highly trained and qualified team of technicians can repair your faith in repairmen.

More than 6,000 repair technicians nationwide. 12 Years – Average number of years on the job for a Sears technician. 8 Million – Approximate number of in-home repairs conducted by the Sears Appliance Experts annually. 4 ½ stars – National customer satisfaction score for our repair technicians (Source: Searsh Home Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, June 2014, 38,888 respondents) 1,000 – Average number of repairs performed annually by a Sears repair technician. 450 – Typical number of parts stocked in each technician’s truck – meaning there’s a good chance they’ve got exactly what you need.