QUIZ: What’s Your Kitchen Personality?

Are you more of a chef, baker or entertainer — or not much of any of those? Take this quiz and see what it says about the type of cabinets, countertops and other kitchen design elements that are best for you.

Visualize your dream kitchen. Does it have an island or a butler’s pantry? Are you up on the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry? Do your friends call you the hostess with the mostess? Or maybe they’ve never seen the mess that is your kitchen.

Find out whether you’ve got the right kitchen setup to express your inner Martha Stewart or if you’re better off hitting the town for takeout. You answers will lead you to one of the four results below!

Brilliant Baker

You’re a baking pro! Your personality is as warm as your oven. You need plenty of counter space and the latest and greatest tools for rolling out dough and whipping up treats. Plenty of cabinets and a large pantry for storing staple ingredients are must-haves in your kitchen. After all, food is love, and baking is how you show your family and friends how much you care about them.

Certified Chef

You’re a certified home chef! You’re serious about food, always trying the latest trends and experimenting with new techniques. You need plenty of counter space to spread out your workstations for creative, home-cooked meals. You’ve got to have storage for both fresh ingredients and dry goods, plus durable countertops that help keep stains at bay. You can be found in the kitchen most nights of the week, cooking elaborate, multi-course meals.

Enviable Entertainer

You know how to keep the party alive! You are the go-to host and love sharing your open-concept kitchen with friends and family. You’ve got plenty of space for guests to mingle while you prepare the main feast. Your center island countertop is overflowing with tasty apps and designer drinks to keep guests happy. You love bringing people together, especially when it’s in the kitchen!

Takeout Type

Takeout, anyone? You’re just not much of a cook, and the kitchen isn’t your favorite room in the house. Your countertops are probably covered with magazines and mail. You’re fine with a smaller kitchen designed for maximum efficiency. Countertop and cabinet space isn’t a priority, but a microwave definitely is! You’d rather get your dinner delivered and dine while binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

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