QUIZ: What’s Your Home Personality?

Illustration of mom, dad, daughter and son sitting on blue couch in their family room

QUIZ: What’s Your Home Personality?

Take our personality quiz to help inspire your next home improvement project. Are you modern, traditional, cozy or eclectic? Find out!

Some of us crave comfort and stability, while others seek adventure. Some people embrace minimalism and have tidy homes, while others want a home that feels lived in — even if that means there are toys on the floor and stacks of papers on the counter.

You might have a pretty good idea of what type of person you are — but do you know your home personality? Your characteristics and preferences can have a huge influence on everything from the decor you choose to what exterior elements you should consider, including siding, windows and roofing.

Take our quiz to determine your home personality, and get inspired for your next home improvement!

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