QUIZ: What’s Your Home Design Style?

Home design style quiz

Take our quiz to find out — and get inspired for future home improvement projects.

Your siding, windows and roof speak volumes about your home design style.

Are you classic or trendy? Do your tastes tend to be quiet, or do you have a flair for the dramatic? Your home exterior preferences will reveal what that says about your design aesthetic — and how that can help inform future home improvement projects.

Take our quiz now to inspire your next home remodel!

You’re traditional and understated.

You value your privacy and appreciate low-maintenance, good-quality materials. Complement your simple style with siding in gray, beige or a muted yellow. Consider your window placement and treatment to let in just the right amount of light while still maintaining privacy.

Also trending: monochromatic design. Choose a monochromatic color scheme for your siding, roof and doors with shades of gray accented with light gray or off-white finishes for a chic yet understated look.

You’re all about dramatic design!

Bright colors, big windows, you name it. Whether it’s an interestingly shaped roof, big windows with flower boxes or brightly colored shutters, or a front door in a bold color, you love to take risks and stand out.

Need a change? Make a statement with a black front door. Autumn red entry doors are also trending if you’re craving a pop of color.

Or go bold with siding. Sears’ premium vinyl siding comes in a wide array of colors, so if you like rich colors like harbor blue or deep moss, there’s a color that’s sure to appeal to you.

You’re modern and trendy.

Always keeping up with the latest fads, your home design style is very of-the-moment. Install a wide front door with glass to increase natural light and achieve a modern look. Light gray and white siding are hot and give your home a look that will last. Choose an onyx black or antiques silver roof to add contrast to your home’s sleek color palette.

You’re classic and sophisticated.

From a fresh light color palette to a big wrap-around porch, you love a timeless look that will stand the test of time. When it comes to exteriors, stark white is out — instead, an off-white color palette is perfect for maintaining your classic style while still keeping up with trends. Frame your entryway with big, beautiful windows and complement the look with a blue steel front door for a subtle pop of color.

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