QUIZ: Test Your Home Improvement Knowledge!

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Are you a home design star or headed for a DIY disaster? Take the quiz to find out.

Whether you spend your weekends fixing up the house and watching design shows, or you push all things home improvement to the very last minute, there’s always more to learn when it comes to renovating your home.

Put your knowledge to the test with this interactive quiz, from the hottest home improvement trends to the projects with the highest return on investment. See if you’re a home design star, a home improvement hopeful, or headed for a DIY disaster. Bonus: You’ll learn a few home maintenance tips and tricks along the way!

Take the quiz below.

If you scored 0% to 39%…

…you’re headed for a DIY Disaster.

home improvement disaster

Step away from the power tools. Your idea of a picture-perfect weekend has nothing to do with do-it-yourself home improvement (you’re more of a do-it-for-me type). Why get caught up in the details when you can bring in an expert to do the job right the first time? Save the time and hassle and call in a professional. Learn more about the projects Sears Home Services can help you with.

If you scored 40% to 79%…

…you’re a Home Improvement Hopeful.

home improvement hopeful

You know the basics, but you still need to get a few more projects under your tool belt to prove yourself. You’re not afraid to spend a few hours on a Saturday painting the bathroom or refacing your kitchen cabinets, but you know when to call in the experts. Want to read more about home improvement? Check out our Knowledge Center.

If you scored 80% to 100%…

…you’re a Home Design Star!

home improvement star

You know that the weekends are meant for fixing up your home and catching up on your favorite design shows. You’re always on the lookout for inspiration for that next project and aren’t afraid to commit. When it comes to the big stuff — replacing your roof or siding, for example — you know when to call in an expert and ask all the right questions. Find inspiration with the latest trends here.

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