QUIZ: Test Your Fridge Knowledge!


Do you know the best way to organize your fridge? Do you do regular maintenance to help extend the life of your refrigerator? Take our quiz to put your fridge knowledge to the test.

Put your fridge knowledge to the test and find out if you’re feeling fresh, somewhat spoiled or if you’ve gone bad! This quiz won’t tell you which celebrity you look most like or whether you’re a cat or dog person, but it will tell you how much you know about an appliance you and your family use every single day.

If you scored 87%-100%…

…you’re Feeling Fresh.

You know pretty much everything there is to know about what’s perhaps the most important appliance your family uses. You make sure you’re doing your part to keep the food you feed to your nearest and dearest fresh and healthy. You regularly (and properly) organize and clean your fridge to help keep it in good working condition as long as possible.

If you scored 41%-86%…

…you’re Somewhat Spoiled.

You walk the line. Most of the time you play it safe — but you’ve also been known to tempt fate and drink milk that’s probably past its prime. You’ve been using refrigerators all your life but don’t completely know their ins and outs, beyond keeping food cool. You have the right attitude but could up your knowledge to help get more out of one of your major appliances.

If you scored 0%-40%…

…you’ve gone bad.

Ooo, that’s cold. You’re the type who just cuts around mold, aren’t you? Little has changed in your fridge habits since you got your first apartment. It’s time to go on a search-and-destroy mission. If you don’t remember when you ordered that pizza, toss it. If your mayo expired in 2013, get a new jar. Overloading your fridge could actually hamper its performance, so make sure you’ve got room for new groceries before you load up your fridge. It will thank you.

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