QUIZ: How Good Are Your Laundry Skills?

Test your laundry skills

Your washer and dryer habits can say a lot about your personality. Test your laundry knowledge to find out if you’re a pro or all washed up. ##There’s more to laundry day than you think.

Whether you love it or hate it, whether you do it religiously each week or wait until you’re out of undies, or whether you do loads for a house full of people or just for yourself, there’s likely still something new to learn.

Do you know where lost socks really go? Have you ever turned an entire load of whites pink because you accidentally threw in a red T-shirt? How can your laundry habits help you save the most money on your energy bills? Test your knowledge with our laundry skills quiz to see if you’re a trusted pro or could stand to pick up a few extra tips — you may be surprised!

Take the quiz now to find out how your laundry skills stack up — and what that says about your personality.

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