QUIZ: Discover Your Home Design Color Palette and What It Says About You

Living room with table, chairs, and couches

Whether your home is drenched in bright colors or is mostly subtle hues, your preferred color palette says a lot about you. Take the quiz to find out what!

From the color of your kitchen to the shade of your siding, your color choices at home say a lot about your personality. Are you a risk taker or a calm, careful thinker? Do you prefer the soothing blues and greens of the sea, or does a dramatic red statement wall strike your fancy?

Take this quiz to discover your color profile and how it can help inform future home improvement projects.

You’re calm, cool and collected.

Tones of the sand and sea — blues, greens, pale yellow, creams — dominate the color palette in your home. You have a Zen attitude, and maybe even a Zen garden in your backyard. Your home’s exterior is neutral, your kitchen is set up for easy food prep and cleanup, and your bathroom is a calming oasis — the perfect retreat for relaxation.

You’re bold and bright.

Bring on the color! You can’t commit to just one hue. Blue, orange, green — the more the merrier! Chances are your home features statement walls and your kitchen drawer pulls and other features scream “whimsical.” This love of color might even extend to your home’s exterior, where your siding is vibrant and your yard is filled with colorful flowers.

You’re a classic minimalist.

It’s clean lines, timeless looks and an overriding sense of order for you. Gray, black, white and metallics dominate your home. You’ve got a stainless kitchen with few, if any, small appliances on the quartz countertops. Your home’s exterior is maintained and manicured, and your bathroom could rival that of a high-end hotel.

You’re a free-spirited risk-taker.

Shabby chic is the order of the day in your house. Your kitchen walls might be bright yellow, the powder room off the living room could be purple, and you love a bold front door in a color that makes a statement. Anything goes, but it all works together beautifully and welcomes guests into your home with love.

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