QUIZ: Are You Guilty of These Refrigerator Food Storage Sins?

Kenmore fridge open, showing lots of food, with an angel and demon emoji

Do you overstuff your fridge? Don’t know what the crisper drawer is for? Discover the biggest mistakes made when storing food in the refrigerator. Take our quiz to find out if you’re a food storage saint or sinner.

Admit it. You’ve put meat with your veggies in the crisper.

You’re not alone. There are plenty of mistakes people make when keeping their food in the fridge.

But storing food improperly in the fridge could have ramifications on your family’s health and take a toll on your appliance, too.

Take this quiz now to find out if you’re a food storage saint or a food storage sinner — and learn some fridge maintenance best practices along the way. Think of it this way: Everything you check off on this list is something you shouldn’t be doing. Help your family stay safe and your fridge work as efficiently as possible.

Remember: Don’t hit SUBMIT until you’ve checked off all of your “sins.”

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