Kitchen Trends for 2015


We saw open kitchens and shelving, painted cabinets and earthy colors in 2014. What will be this year’s popular kitchen trends?

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, a place for family and guests to come together to create and consume nourishment. That homey feeling will continue to drive kitchen trends in 2015.

Not Separate, Equal

For many homes, the kitchen is becoming an extension of the living or family room, and as such it’s getting to be a bit less utilitarian. The “furniture look,” which has gathered strength for the past few years, will continue. That translates into design trends like islands with legs and feet, for example.

“Many islands don’t have toe kicks, so there’s space all the way under them, giving the perception of a larger room,” says Maria Stapperfenne, president-elect of the National Kitchen and Bath Association in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. “Or they have a solid toe kick with feet in front of it so nothing will roll under it and it’s easier to clean.”

If you don’t want to build custom kitchen furniture, raid the garage or attic.

“People are incorporating something that was in the family like a hutch into their kitchen designs,” says George W. Edwards, who sees hundreds of remodeling projects across the country in his role as the national awards chairman for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

The farmhouse sink will remain popular. It adds to the homey feel people are looking for, and fits with traditional homes while still seeming contemporary, Edwards adds.

Contrasting Views

Stapperfenne says she’s seeing a lot of interest in dark cabinets — whether stained or laminate. Look for spaces designed with cabinets stained espresso, almost black, paired with a white or off-white island.

Neutral wall tones will continue to be popular, with the addition of a splash of color in the backsplash.

“It’s an economical way to get that pop,” Stapperfenne says.

Other color trends will emerge with appliances.

“A basic white or bone refrigerator is still popular,” Edwards says. “But people are color-matching with their kitchens, maybe using light gray cabinets with darker gray appliances.”

Refrigerators are being shown in a variety of colors, ranging from lime green to orange to sleek black. There’s even the option of getting your appliances painted.

Trends show that sinks, too, will add color and texture to the kitchen.

“People are using more, different metals,” Edwards says. “Hammered copper and bronzes instead of stainless steel. I’m not seeing as much painted enamel.”

Above the stovetop, “chimney-style hoods are taking over the market instead of millwork hoods,” Stapperfenne says. “They’re less ‘matchy-matchy’ with cabinets and are done in artful metals, as well as stainless. People are running the tile all the way up the wall in that area to create a focal point.”

You Gotta See It

Lighting is functional but also sets the mood. With open-floor plans, it helps the kitchen blend in with the rest of the space. Decorative pendants over the island will be popular, acting as a nice way to draw the eye to the middle of the room instead of to a wall.

Stapperfenne has seen younger clients incorporating industrial-looking fixtures over islands.

As for older homeowners, she has seen an increase in clearer and softer lights, task lighting under cabinets and toe kick lighting.

Added Amenities

With the kitchen as command central, no one wants to have to run to the basement for the holiday dishes or that bottle of vino. Be on the lookout for more options like walk-in pantries, deep-drawer storage and wine refrigerators.

2015 will be the year of the open kitchen, easy entertaining, bold design and functional lighting. Need help incorporating any of these hot home remodeling trends into your living space? Give Sears Home Services a call at 1-888-565-4048 or start finding some kitchen renovation design ideas — and schedule a free in-home consultation.