Kitchen Design Trends Men Will Love

By Lyle Weischwill | Nov. 16, 2016 3:59 pm PST

Kitchens men will love to cook in

The latest kitchen trends in gadgets and appliances will help turn your kitchen into the ultimate man cave.

Guys have been grill masters since the first caveman cooked meat over an open flame. But recently men have been spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. Is it the proliferation of macho celebrity chefs?

Whatever the reason, more and more products are being created to appeal to men who cook. Here are some gadgets and appliances to help you create a tricked-out kitchen man cave.

Entertainment Center

If you like to groove to your favorite tunes or watch the pre-game show, a wall-mounted, flat-screen TV, or a Bluetooth speaker system is a must. Also, make sure there’s a charging station for a smartphone or iPad near the kitchen workstation.

Salamander Broiler

Nachos for the big game? Steak for dinner? The salamander is on the job. It’s a macho, heavy-duty stainless steel broiler that sits on the countertop or above a range. Think of it as the Godzilla of pizza ovens.

Beer Fridge

Some models can hold a half-barrel beer keg. Others have pressurized taps to dispense cold ones right from the fridge. Need we say more? Kenmore’s beverage center even has a built-in door alarm. It might be tough to leave the kitchen with one of these under the center island.

Wine Fridge

Hey, guys like wine, too. That’s why some models are geared specifically toward men. Ever heard of a combination humidor and wine fridge? You can store expensive cigars and merlot in one place. Kenmore’s wine cellar can chill up to 45 bottles at once!

Commercial-Grade Anything

Whether it’s a deep fryer, a meat grinder, a French fry maker or the stove itself, commercial-grade gadgets and appliances are tough, durable and usually stainless steel.

Guy-Friendly Ergonomics

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, think about who will be cooking in it. For men, that could mean higher counter heights, higher-set range hoods and more room to move between workstations.

Bold Colors

When selecting new appliances, start with stainless, but then go bolder. Kenmore now offers black stainless steel appliances — a huge trend right now. So is red. And cobalt blue. The list goes on. Don’t be shy.

Tricking your kitchen out with state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets has never been easier. A few of these will help turn it into a cooking lair that everyone will enjoy.

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