Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning and Polishing Hacks Tested

Do walnuts really remove scratches from wood? Can coconut oil work its magic on more than just hair and skin? We’re testing three popular cabinet hacks to find out!

Cabinets are a kitchen centerpiece — setting the tone for the entire room and storing all of our favorite ingredients and cookware. It’s easy to forget about all the grease, grime and wear and tear cabinets endure. While cabinet replacing or refacing is a common home improvement project, there may be even easier do-it-yourself ways to beautify your cabinets.

You might think coconut oil, baking soda, walnuts and vegetable oil should only be used together when making banana nut muffins, but these ingredients could actually be the recipe for clean cabinets. We’re testing whether or not these common household items can make your cabinets look like new again.

Hack #1: Remove scratches from hardwood with walnuts.

If your hardwood cabinets have scratches, try filling them in with a walnut. Simply rub the walnut over the scratches to see if this will minimize their appearance. Let’s get crackin’ and find out if this hack works!

Hack #2: Get rid of greasy gunk with baking soda and vegetable oil.

In a small bowl, combine two parts baking soda with one part vegetable oil to create a paste. Spread the paste across the greasy cabinet and scrub clean with a toothbrush. This method should clear off the gunk that can build up on cabinets, especially those above the stovetop.

Hack #3: Polish wood with coconut oil.

Much has been said about coconut oil’s versatility. From cooking and baking to haircare and skincare regimens, coconut oil is usually a reliable jack of all trades. Does this extend to cabinet polishing? Watch to find out!

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