Kenmore Refrigerators Named Best of 2015

Kenmore Refrigerators Named Best of 2015

Trusted consumer website named seven Kenmore products—including three refrigerators—to its Best of Year awards for 2015.

From washing machines to refrigerators, Sears’ Kenmore appliances cleaned up’s Best of 2015 rankings. The website uses scientific testing to evaluate each product. Reviews are based on a comprehensive analysis, which includes rigorous testing on temperature, moisture control, and much more to earn the commendation. How rigorous? Per this video, they collect data to test for temperature control every two minutes.

“It isn’t just about collecting data. It’s about living with that refrigerator for a week or more,” said Keith Barry, Editor-in-Chief of Home Appliances for “If you see this Best of Year award, it’s essentially a short-cut that says—this is one of the best refrigerators on the market, and you can count on that because we tested it.”

We’re proud of Kenmore’s seven wins:

What Makes Kenmore Fridges a Top Pick?

With three wins in the best refrigerator category alone, it’s clear that Kenmore is a top name to trust when it comes to keeping your food fresh. What impressed reviewers the most? While traditional advantages like affordability and durability helped the overall score, it was Kenmore’s advances in refrigerator technology that really got the reviewers’ attention. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your refrigerator, here are just a few things Kenmore is doing to dial up the cool factor in your kitchen:

Consistent Temperature Control

When it comes to keeping easily perishable items like produce preserved, reliable cooling is critical. Kenmore fridges earned top marks for keeping temperatures consistent over 72 hours of testing, an indication of “ideal food preservation,” according to reviewers. The freezers scored extra points too, praised for maintaining a steady chill while preventing freezer burn. Even with the ice maker running, Kenmore fridges kept power consumption low. This means longer-lasting fruits and vegetables—and lower energy bills—for you.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

From side-by-side doors to top-freezer units, all Kenmore fridges on the list were recognized for being incredibly energy efficient. Reviewers noted that Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator model 51763excelled in regard to energy efficiency among fridges its size,” while Kenmore top-freezer refrigerator model 70623 was recommended for its roomy storage and tiny power bill. Plus, all Kenmore models use efficient LED lighting, to save energy while maintaining quality.

Customizable Sliding Storage

Reviewers loved that the Kenmore top freezer refrigerator model 70623 uses built-in tracks to hang storage bins rather than traditional hooks. The tracks allow storage bins to slide left and right, letting you easily customize your in-door shelving—to accommodate your latest load of groceries.

Moisture-Retaining AirTight Crisper

While all Kenmore fridges on the Best of 2015 list were applauded for keeping produce fresher than other brands, the Kenmore Pro counter-depth refrigerator model 79993 received special praise for its AirTight Crisper technology, which, according to one reviewer, “retains more moisture than any other crisper design we’ve ever tested.”

These are just a few highlights from’s list of 2015’s Best Refrigerators—make sure to check out their full reviews to learn what else they liked most about their winning Kenmore refrigerator picks. Or, visit to research our Kenmore refrigerator details and reviews for yourself.

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