How to Save Energy With Your Appliances

How to Save Energy With Your Appliances

Improving the energy efficiency of your appliances will help the planet and help lower your energy bill.

Show Mother Nature some love for Earth Month by increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Not ready to invest in new appliances just yet? Don’t worry! There are quick and easy ways to go green without breaking the bank or buying new. Sears Home Services’ infographic has the tools and tips to ensure you waste as little energy and money as possible. Both the planet and your wallet will thank you.

green appliances

If you are looking to upgrade to a smarter, more energy-efficient appliance, Kenmore offers an array of eco-friendly features:

SmartDry Ultra Technology in Kenmore dryers prevents your clothes from overdrying — and saves energy — by having two moisture sensors and a temperature monitor that adjusts cycle times.

The UltraWash HE System in Kenmore dishwashers uses up to 40% less electricity and 68% less water than other brands.

Accela-Heat Technology in Kenmore PRO ovens reduces cook time by transferring heat quickly and evenly through a two-fan convection system.

The Triple Action Agitator in Kenmore washing machines deep-cleans fabric while using less water.

GeniusCool Technology in Kenmore fridges efficiently controls the temperature, reducing the amount of energy consumed.

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