How to Replace a Damaged Oven Seal

By Lyle Weischwill | Jan. 19, 2024 11:35 am PST

Image of homeowner examining the oven door seal

When you notice heat escaping through the oven door, uneven cooking or your oven takes a long time to preheat, check the oven door seal because a damaged seal will cause these types of problems.

The door seal is a cloth or mesh seal attached around the edge of the oven door or around the opening to the oven cavity. When you find the oven door seal damaged, replace it by following these steps.

1. Order the Replacement Oven Door Seal

You’ll need to order the right oven door seal for your model so it fits properly. Find and use the model number for your oven or range to order the right part. You’ll typically find the model number in one of these places:

  • On the frame of the stove just above the right front leveling leg. Open the bottom storage or broiler drawer to see the model number sticker.
  • Attached to the side of the oven door.
  • Around the opening to the oven cavity.

Once you find the model number, use that information to look up the replace door seal for your oven or range. Order the original manufacturer’s replacement part to make sure the seal fits properly and seals the door effectively.

2. Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need needle nose pliers and possibly a slot screw driver to remove and replace the oven door seal. You’ll also need warm, soapy water and a wash cloth to clean the sealing surfaces as you replace the seal. Have a dry towel or cloth handy to dry the sealing surfaces after cleaning.

3. Allow the Oven to Cool Completely

Make sure that the oven is completely cool before beginning the repair.

Image of homeowner removing the oven door seal

4. Remove the Old Oven Door Seal

The gasket is attached around the door or oven cavity opening using metal clips that are pushed into mounting holes. Starting on one end of the door seal, carefully pull the seal off using pliers and the screwdriver if necessary.

5. Clean the Sealing Surfaces

Clean grease and food residue off the surface that was under the door seal using the soapy water and cleaning cloth. Also, clean the sealing surface opposite of the door seal on the oven door or the opening to the oven. Rinse the surfaces with a cloth moistened with plain water then dry the surfaces.

6. Install the New Door Seal

Starting at one end of the seal, insert the mounting clip in the hole and work your way around to the other end to install the door seal. The ends of the door seal tuck into large holes at the bottom of the door or oven cavity opening on some models. Tuck the ends of the door seal into the holes if necessary using the pliers.

You may find that the new door seal keeps the door from shutting completely at first. The new door seal will become more flexible with use.

If you have a self-cleaning oven with a door lock and child lock, you can lock the oven door shut overnight to compress the new door seal quicker. Follow the directions in the owner’s manual for locking the oven door.

How to Help the Oven Seal Last Longer

Now that you have a new oven door seal in place, visually inspect it every few months. Use a damp cloth or sponge to gently clean it if you see spills on the seal.

Don’t use oven cleaner or harsh chemicals to clean the door seal. These products can cause the gasket braid to harden and quickly deteriorate.

Have your oven or range professionally cleaned and maintained yearly by a Sears Home Services Technician. During the Clean & Maintain service, the technician will perform these tasks that will help the oven seal last longer:

  • Adjust and clean the oven door seal to make sure it seals the oven door properly.
  • Check and adjust oven door alignment. This will help prevent damage to the door seal.
  • Test the oven self-cleaning operation. Making sure the oven door lock and self-clean function works properly will help prevent door seal damage.

The technician performs additional maintenance, cleaning and checks to help keep your oven or range in top shape and lasting longer.

Image of Sears Kitchen and Laundry Appliance Check-up bundle offer

When you set up annual oven or range maintenance, consider scheduling a Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Clean & Maintain Bundle. Our technician will service all of your home appliances in one convenient visit.

Whether you need expert advice, maintenance, or repair, Sears Home Services has all the help that you need to keep your home running smoothly. We’ll help you manage your home so you can enjoy it with the peace mind that everything is covered.

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