How to Find the Ideal Kitchen for You

By Ian | Nov. 14, 2016 12:15 pm PST

Get the right style and function from your kitchen remodel.

Are you a baker, a chef or someone who loves entertaining guests? Get the most out of your kitchen design upgrade to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen design? Before you start, take some time to reflect upon what you’ll spend the most time doing in there. Do you love baking? Are you a gourmet chef (or at least a wannabe)? Or do you want your kitchen to be the ultimate entertaining space? Your answers will help define the ideal kitchen renovation for you.

Here are some suggestions of what to include in the perfect kitchen layout for you — whether you’re a baker, chef or entertainer.

The ideal kitchen for the baker:

• Counter space

Bakers need lots of room to roll out that dough. Ideally, you should have a large center kitchen island with sinks in the middle plus long uncluttered counters on at least two walls. Countertops should be stone (it’s cool). In the drawers of the island, store all your baking tools so they’re close at hand, and have a large cabinet dedicated to cake pans, cookie sheets and the like.

• Double oven

Why bake two dozen scones when you can bake four dozen at the same time? (Bonus: You’ll really be thankful for your double oven on a certain Thursday in November.)

• Bottom-freezer refrigerator

Yes, people love their side-by-side refrigerators, but most aren’t wide enough for a large cookie sheet. Pros know that many of their creations require refrigeration before baking, and if your fridge isn’t wide enough, you’ll regret it.

The ideal kitchen for the gourmet chef:

• It’s all about the triangle

The triangle refers to the location of your fridge, stove and sink. You want to be able to access those three things with very little movement. Imagine your stove is on one wall across from your center kitchen island, where you prep. The sink (ideally a double sink or triple sink) on the island could include a garbage disposal, and a sliding cabinet in the island could hide your garbage and recycling.

• Hanging pots and pans

Martha Stewart hangs all of her pots and pans above her island. That’s because Martha knows it’s a pain to hunt for them in various cabinets. Plus, they look nice up there.

• A commercial stove with all the bells and whistles

We’re talking about a grill top and griddle, double oven, convection and regular cooking options and dual fuel ranges.

The ideal kitchen for the entertainer:

• Move your cooktop to the kitchen island

When you’re cooking on a stove, your back is to your guests. But if you’re working your magic on an island cooktop, a la Rachael Ray, your guests can be gathered around it or sitting on barstools — voila, you’re part of the party.

• Separation

Think of the kitchen separated into the guest side and the chef side, with the island in the middle. On the chef side is the fridge, the wall-mounted oven(s), your prep space, drawers and cabinets containing spices, knives, bowls, utensils — anything you need to prepare the meal. On the guest side are bar stools, cabinets with glassware, a wine fridge, the dishwasher (hey, they can help clean up) and enough room to have people congregate without crowding you out of your own kitchen.

• Music

Remember The Big Chill? Wire your stereo system to include speakers in the kitchen. If you’re gonna have to do dishes, why not get everyone to help while dancing around to “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by the Temptations?

Once you determine if you’re a baker, chef or entertainer, get in touch with us for a free kitchen design consultation.

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