How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen at Home

Take your grilling space to the next level with tricked-out outdoor kitchen appliances

Take your grilling space to the next level with tricked-out outdoor kitchen appliances.

For much of the year, an outdoor kitchen can really expand the footprint of living space in your home — and there have never been so many options for creating your al fresco oasis.

Here are some ideas to get you started on creating the perfect party-ready outdoor entertaining space.


The grill is the heart of an outdoor kitchen. It’s where the magic happens.

There are so many new features on gas grills these days, they’re practically designed for a gourmet chef.

Leave the burgers behind and get creative with Kenmore’s stainless grills with rotisserie burners, infrared heat, and side burners that are perfect for whipping up sauces for your meat or side dishes that you prepare in a pan. For barbecue-lovers, a built-in smoker will deliver the flavor you crave without all the work.

Other cool features include a steamer tray (cook that asparagus right on the grill) and, get this, a side oven. So, if you want to bake a loaf of bread to go with your meal or pop in a pizza, you’ve got a place to do it.

Kenmore’s 5-Burner Grill even has a ceramic burner for searing and a halogen light for grilling under the stars.

Pizza Ovens

There’s nothing better than wood-fired pizza, and your outdoor kitchen is the perfect place for your pizza oven.

Go all out with a built-in unit in your outdoor countertop, or keep it budget-friendly with one that sits on top of the counter. Either way, your delicious wood-fired pizza will be a hit with guests.


No grill master worth his salt would be without a cold beverage. A Kenmore beverage storage center stores and chills wine, beer and other drinks — and could also work for marinades, dressings and condiments. Interior lights, see-through doors and digital temperature control make sure your drinks are ready to go at all times. Today’s models come equipped with alarm alerts that alert you when a door isn’t closed all the way, helping save energy and reducing wear and tear on the compressor.

BBQ Islands

These bad boys are where your outdoor appliances live.

Outdoor islands can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. They can house your grill and provide storage for utensils, pans, tinfoil, woks and other tools. Some models come with spots for small refrigerators, making those endless trips back and forth to your indoor kitchen a thing of the past.

You even have the option of including a dishwasher, so you can wash your dishes and grilling supplies right there in your outdoor kitchen. You’ll have to connect to a water source and plumbing — but that means you can have a sink out there, too.

There really is no end to the options you can explore. Whether you go with a grill with all the bells and whistles or choose to create an entire kitchen in your backyard, you’ll be cooking up a summer to remember. You might find yourself hardly even using your indoor kitchen! Bon appétit — al fresco!

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