How to Blend Kitchen Design Styles

By Erin Hynes | Feb. 09, 2017 8:20 am PST

Blending kitchen design style

Can’t decide between a modern or traditional kitchen? Not only is it OK to mix styles, it’s actually a major trend right now.

When it comes to designing a new kitchen, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one style.

Whether you consider yourself traditional with a modern flair, or you’re a little bit country but your spouse is a little bit contemporary, blending kitchen design styles is completely on trend.

You can update some elements — by refacing cabinets, installing new counters or adding a backsplash — to infuse your kitchen with a fresh look. Or go all out with a complete remodel to create the kitchen of your dreams from scratch.

Either way, these tips will help you create the perfectly balanced space that meets all of your needs as well as your design preferences.

Merge Modern with Country

Is it time for a new fridge or oven and you want to follow the latest trends — smart appliances, warm bronze or black stainless steel — but you’re worried it won’t fit with your country kitchen? Go for it!

That doesn’t mean you have to replace your entire kitchen so it won’t clash with those ultra-modern appliances. Keep your country-style cabinets but reface them for an upgraded look, add in a farmhouse sink, and use wood accents on the island and countertops to create a modern country vibe.

Inject a Bit of Masculinity

Don’t worry about breaking up your sharp lines with some bulk. Go ahead and try décor that’s big and bold: a bronze range hood, stone backsplash or granite center island. Replace the handles and pulls on your cabinets and drawers with sleek, ultra-modern ones to balance the masculine look.

Focus on Faucets

One simple, inexpensive way to start updating your traditional kitchen is replacing your current faucet with an ultra-modern one. Today, they range from sleek, clean-lined models to swan-necked works of art.

Try Transitional

This kitchen isn’t ultra-modern, but it’s not your grandma’s kitchen, either. Incorporate sleek lines with cabinets, handles and pulls in neutral colors — black and white works well here. Accent these modern elements with countertops that look like natural stone and a backsplash. Keep that farmhouse sink if you love it. And install modern track lighting rather than the traditional light over the stove.

Add the Unexpected

One way to add an updated feel to your traditional kitchen is by incorporating some unexpected elements that lend a surprise factor. What about substituting a chalkboard for one or more of your cabinet doors? You can even put a chalkboard panel on your refrigerator as a message center for your household.

Get creative with backsplashes and countertops, too, by thinking about concrete or stone instead of traditional tile. And while you’re at it, bring that backsplash all the way up to the ceiling for a modern look.

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