How Long Should Home Renovation Projects Take?

How Long Should Home Renovation Projects Take?

Whether you’re updating your roof, windows, siding, garage door, cabinets or countertops, our home improvement timeline lets you know what to expect.

When it comes to home improvement projects, we all crave instant gratification. That’s usually not possible, though — so it’s best to know the time commitment of each project right from the start. Here’s how long certain home improvement projects, like getting a new roof or replacing your kitchen cabinets, should take from start to beautiful finish.

how long should home improvement projects take

The most important thing to remember with any home improvement project is to enlist the right team of professionals. Sears Home Services provides every project with a project manager to help your renovation stay on its projected timeline.

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Average Timeline of Home Improvement Projects

Here’s what to expect in terms of timing for some common renovations.

Roof 1-3 days Give your roofer a few days to take measurements. 2-3 days Get the quote 2-3 weeks Most roofing materials are stored locally, which means in many cases you won’t have to wait for a special order. Barring any weather-related delays, there’s no reason the project should take any longer.

Windows 1 week Contractor takes measurements of each window. In most cases, ricing will be provided on the spot. 3-4 weeks Windows are ordered and delivered and installed.

Siding 3 days Contractor explains the product options and warranties, and measures the home. Siding is usually stocked locally, so long lead times for product orders are rare. 4 weeks Installation takes place.

HVAC 1-2 days a sales consultant meets with you, then sends in the completed order for processing 2-5 days A contractor picks up the equipment and installs it. The total time is usually under one week unless product has to be special-ordered.

Cabinets 1-2 weeks Replacing the cabinets is quite complex, so allow time for planning and design. 8 weeks This depends on the selection of the finishes, and if your order is custom-made 2-4 weeks The old cabinets are demolished and new ones are put in.

Countertops 2-3 days A crew measures, or templates, the space to design the new piece. 7-10 days The new countertop will be custom-made, delivered, and installed.

Keep in mind these time frames are general suggestions only, not guarantees.

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