How Does Your Air Conditioner Work?

By Ian | Jun. 15, 2015 12:58 pm PST

Find out how your central AC works and get maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner running

A central AC system (known in the biz as a split-system AC) is a lifesaver when summer goes from lovely to broiling. But how does an central AC system work, exactly?

Knowing how your AC system operates puts you be in the know when it’s time for HVAC maintenance and repairs.

how does your air conditioner work

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How Your Air Conditioner Works

You know your AC keeps your home cool and comfortable. Find out what happens behind the scenes as your split-system AC battles the heat.

The Cooling Process: 1. Compressor squeezes refrigerant to raise its temperature. 2. Refrigerant leaves the compressor as a hot high-pressure gas

  1. Gas flows into the condenser, which dissipates heat.
  2. Refrigerant leaves condenser as a cool high-pressure liquid.
  3. Line set connects condensing unit to evaporator on top of the furnace.
  4. Liquid enters evaporator, which drops the pressure.
  5. It’s now a cool low-pressure gas.
  6. Blower fan distributes cooled air throughout ductwork.
  7. Hot air in room rises and is sucked into return vents.
  8. Vents circulate it back over the evaporator coil.
  9. Gas is sent outside to compressor and cycle starts over again.
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