Home Storm Preparation

Get your roof ready for stormy weather

Make sure your roof and windows are ready for severe weather.

It’s storm season, when your home’s roof and windows can take a beating from high wind, heavy rain and hail. If you haven’t already taken steps to get your house ready, do it now. Here are some ways to minimize a storm’s impact.

Clear the gutters

Remove debris from your gutters to ensure that water doesn’t pool and damage your roof, advises Dave Lincon, a home improvement expert for Sears Home Services. Clear downspouts and the ground near them so runoff drains away from your foundation.

Check your roof from the ground

Use binoculars to inspect the roof for shingles that are loose, buckled or missing, or that have protruding nails. Check also for rotted fascia and soffits. These problems make your roof vulnerable to high winds, so have them repaired.

A roofing system that’s sound from shingles to sheathing can better withstand extreme weather. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, contact Sears Home Services for a free estimate.

Invest in high-impact windows

If you live in a hurricane belt, you might be used to hurrying to cover your windows with plywood or shutters before the storm hits. A more permanent solution is impact-resistant windows. Not only do they save you the considerable installation and removal time plywood or shutters require, they let in light and provide superior protection.

High-impact windows have an impact-resistant plastic interlayer that holds up to high winds and prevents the glass from shattering when hit by flying debris.

Besides resisting damage from impact and sustained high winds, high-impact windows are really good at just being windows: they block UV rays that fade home furnishings and are very efficient at keeping cooled air inside in summer and cold air outside in winter.

Trim trees

Tree branches that come crashing down during a windy storm can cause significant property damage. Have a professional tree trimmer remove branches that hang over the roof, especially those that are unhealthy or damaged.

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