Does Color Affect Your Mood?

How does color affect your mood?

When planning your next remodel or home makeover, consider these color psychology basics to learn if you’re creating an energetic or peaceful space.

The colors on your walls, in your furniture and throughout your decor reflect your personal style. But did you know those colors can also affect your mood? Psychologists have found the pigments around us can impact our emotions, whether we realize it or not. Once you know the basics of color psychology, you can maximize their mood-boosting power in your home.

does color affect your mood

Who knew your home could work like a mood ring? Reinvigorate your home — and your mood — with a whole new color palette. Pick the right swatches and you’ll boost your happiness and productivity in every room of your home. Ready for your home makeover? Schedule a free in-home consultation with Sears Home Services.

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How Color Affects Your Mood in Your Home

Want an extra boost of energy? Or simply want to wind down? No need for coffee or tea – just tap into the intrinsic power of color.

Red Stimulation, Increased Energy Ever notice how lots of restaurants use red in their décor? That’s because flaming-hot hues help work up an appetite and raise energy levels to keep conversation flowing. Great for: kitchen or dining room

Orange Vibrant Energy. Warm and energizing, shades from tangerine to terra cotta inject vibrancy into your home. Orange is just the thing to liven up a space – and give you a jolt of energy. Great for: dark rooms

Yellow Increased Appetite, Happiness There’s nothing better than a splash of sunny yellow or shades of gold to liven up a room – and lift your spirits. Sunny-side-up walls, anyone? Great for: kitchen or breakfast nook

Green Calm, Nature Evoking the first bud of spring or the lush canopy of a rainforest, green can bring nature into your home. Natural pigments can calm frayed nerves and help improve concentration. Great for: home office or den

Blue Peacefulness, Relaxation Like the sky and sea they evoke, blue hues have a calming effect. From cobalt to turquoise, they are perfect for any place you want to escape from the pressures of everyday life. Great for: bedroom or family room

Purple Luxury Purple combines the energy of red with the soothing properties of blue, making it ideal in just about any space. Lighter shades like lavender can offer tranquility, while a rich eggplant can add warmth to a dining room or create a bold entryway. Great for: bedroom or dining room

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