Cooling System Models by Sears

Sears cooling system - different models

Fan Coils These are located inside your home and contain the evaporator coil and fan housing. Joined to the outdoor condensing unit by a copper line set, it blows air across the coil containing the cooled refrigerant into the duct work inside your home.

Learn about the different fan coils by brand and type. Research the right model for your home and give us a call. We’ll confirm the correct model and SEER rating for your home during the in-home consultation.

Model Brand Type
FY5B, FF1E, FB4C Carrier® Fan Coil
FV4C Carrier® Fan Coil
FE4A, FE5A Carrier® Fan Coil
FSU4, FSM4, FEA4 Kenmore® Fan Coil
FEM4, FXM4 Kenmore® Fan Coil
FCM Kenmore® Fan Coil

AC & HP Condensers Condensing units are located outside your home and contain the compressor and outdoor coil for your air conditioning and heat pump units. Along with an outdoor fan, this unit helps to disperse the heat generated from the refrigerant cycle and allow the “cooled” refrigerant to return to the home again. The compressor is the heart of the system and helps pump the refrigerant throughout the system.

Model Brand Type SEER
24A & 25H Standard System Carrier® AC & HP Condenser 16
25VNA Variable Speed Ultra-High Efficiency Carrier® AC & HP Condenser
(C, H, T) 4A3/4, 4H3/4, XA6/XH5 Standard System Kenmore® AC & HP Condenser Up to 15
(C, H, T) CA7/9, CH6/9 Ultra High Efficient 2-Stage Observer Kenmore® AC & HP Condenser

Heat Pumps Using electricity, heat pumps move heat from a cool space to a warm space. The cool space gets cooler and the warm space gets warmer. Where you live will determine what kind of heat pump is best for your home. Sears offers a variety of Heat Pumps from both Carrier® and Kenmore® brands.

Model Brand Type
PHG3/4/5 Carrier® Heat Pump
50EX/VT/ XT/ZHB Carrier® Heat Pump
PHG3/4/5 Kenmore® Heat Pump

Central Air Systems Located outside your home, a centralized air conditioning unit cools and dehumidifies the air before it circulates inside the house. The unit is connected to duct work that runs throughout your home. Blowers drive cold air out of the ducts to cool down rooms and vents outside to rid the home of excess heat and moisture.

Model Brand Type
50ES/VL/ XL/ZPB AC Carrier® Package Unit
PAD3/4. PAD5 Kenmore® AC

Installing a cooling system is great way to make your home more energy efficient. However, an improperly sized unit will cost you more in the long run. Moreover, some local or state governments may offer tax incentives for more efficient models. A certified Sears technician will be happy to help you find the best and most efficient unit for your home. Make an appointment today!