Common Outdoor Gas Grill Myths Busted

Are you using your gas grill correctly? Our infographic uncovers the truth about common mistakes and tips about gas grills, including how to get the best flavor.

Grilling season is here! It’s time to roll your gas grill out of the garage, tie on your Kiss the Cook apron, wash the winter’s dust off your tongs and crack open your beverage of your choice while searing your first steak (or veggie burger) of the season.

Before you do that, though, let’s dispel some common myths about gas grills.

Myth 1: You can’t get good flavor with a gas grill.

Busted! If you’re a stickler for charcoal flavor, use wood chips.

Myth 2: Sear the meat first.

Busted! The slower you cook the meat, the more tender it will be.

TIP! Start everything but very thin cuts of meat or fish on warm.

Grill Myths

Myth 3: You should only flip your meat once.

Busted! You don’t actually want those photogenic grill marks. By flipping multiple times, you’re cooking the meat evenly.

TIP! Flipping often sets off the Maillard reaction, which adds depth of flavor.

Myth 4: Cleaning the grill often means you’ll lose good flavor.

Busted! A dirty grill will make your chicken and fish stick, and the burned-on gunk could make freshly grilled food taste bitter. TIP! Preheat the grill, then use a brush to clean it.

Myth 5: You should only cook on a well-oiled grill.

Busted! To prevent sticking, put a light layer of oil on the food — not your grill. Oiling your gill will cause smoking, which can make food taste bad.

Myth 6: The hotter the heat, the better.

Busted: It’s all about zones on a gas grill. You want a hot zone for cooking and a warm zone where you can transfer meat and veggies until everything is done. TIP! Create a meat-free zone for vegetarians.

Consider these myths busted. It’s time to get grilling!