Common Gas Grill Problems

Grill repair or replace

Is it time to call the repairman — or time for grill replacement?

Warm weather means the start of grilling season. But as you dust off your gas grill for the first spring cookout, you might find that you forgot to clean it out before winter, and the grates are now messy and full of rust, bugs or dirt. Or worse: The grill won’t light, the paint is peeling and you have guests coming over for a barbecue. Does this mean it’s time to run to the store for a new grill or just put in a call to the repairman? Sears can help no matter what.

common gas grill problems

Whether you need a grill repair or a full replacement, Sears can help. We have the grill parts you need to help you tackle projects at home, as well as a repair team who will tackle your projects — no matter where you bought it. And if the Sears Appliance Expert cannot fix your gas grill problem, ask your technician about discounts on your replacement purchase. For more information, visit gas grill repair service.

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Gas Grills: Repair or Replace? Common gas grill problems, and whether the solution is a DIY project, a job for a repairman, or time for an upgrade.


Rusty Grates Dirty and rusty grates are not the best surface for cooking up dinner – for better flavor and a cleaner surface, get out the grill brush and tackle this DIY project on your own.

Peeling Paint This is one problem that could have been prevented by grill maintenance. Grill paint can help keep it looking as good as new.


Broken Igniters Can’t get your grill to light? It’s tempting to turn up the gas and toss in a match, but this can be dangerous. To avoid singed eyebrows or worse with a grill that won’t light, call in an expert.

Gas Smell If you smell gas, stop use immediately and conduct a safety check. Inspect the tank’s gas lines and regulators to make sure they’re connected tightly. If you still smell gas, consult an expert to prevent potential safety hazards.

Broken Burner Don’t cram everything onto one side of the grill. Check your product warranty – many cover broken burners for an extended period of time.


Poor Heat Distribution This is a sign that the firebox might be rusted through, making it easy for heat to escape. Another sign: you hear or see things dripping where they shouldn’t be dripping.

Cracked Drip Pan Unfortunately once your drip pan is cracked, it’s time to start shopping. Avoid home remedies, like lining the drip pan with aluminum foil, as grease could accumulate and start a fire.

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