Choose Sears Home Services to Upgrade your Windows in Houston, Texas

By Lyle Weischwill | Oct. 12, 2023 7:40 am PST

Your windows. You might not think about them until there’s a problem — one breaks in a storm, or they are drafty when a cold front rolls in. But did you know that replacing or upgrading your windows could also improve the overall comfort of your Houston home, as well as add value?

For example, a mid-range vinyl window replacement project costs about $19,000 — and delivers a 72 percent return on investment, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2023 Cost vs. Value Report.

So, why not replace those drafty or worn out windows, and save on those energy bills?

Choose Sears Home Services in Houston to complete your window upgrade and you’ll enjoy these distinct advantages over many other service providers.

Houston Window Installation by Sears Starts with a Free In-Home Consultation

Schedule a free Houston Window Replacement Consultation online or call 1-877-587-7327 to set up an appointment.

  • A Houston window consultant will visit you in your home, measure your windows and discuss your options for replacement. Windows can be expensive to replace and install—but Sears replacement windows don’t sacrifice quality for price.
  • The expert will explain what to expect during window installation and give you a price estimate. The price of Sears window replacement includes the complete cost of installation, with no hidden fees or surprises.
  • Our window consultant will discuss will discuss lucrative financing options for your new windows. Sears in Houston has financing solutions to fit any budget.

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How Sears in Houston Installs Your New Windows

When you choose Sears in Houston to install your new replacement windows, a Sears project coordinator is assigned to you. The coordinator will guide you through every step of the window installation process, so you’ll know what to expect.

On the day of your new window installation, a crew will arrive and verify that they have the proper materials and supplies to replace your windows.

Here’s a general description of the vinyl window installation process:

  1. Remove the existing window sashes, trim, and any interior or exterior casings – being careful not to damage the surrounding wall or frame.
  2. Inspect the window frame and sill for any damage or rot. Repair any issues before proceeding.
  3. Clean and prepare the opening to receive the new vinyl window frame.
  4. Insert the new vinyl window, level the frame and secure it in place with anchor screws.
  5. Make sure the window is plumb and square.
  6. Apply insulation around the window frame to prevent drafts. Use expanding foam or fiberglass insulation. Then, caulk the exterior and interior of the window to create an airtight seal. Use an exterior-grade caulk for the outside.
  7. Install new interior and exterior trim or casing to cover any gaps between the window frame and the wall. Nail or screw it in place and ensure it’s flush and level.
  8. Once the trim is in place, fill any nail holes or gaps with wood putty or caulk. Sand and paint or stain the trim to match your interior and exterior finishes.
  9. Test the new windows by opening and closing them to ensure they operate smoothly. Inspect the windows for any gaps, leaks, or issues with the seal.
  10. Clean up the work area, disposing of any debris, old windows, and packaging materials properly.

Remember that this is a general overview for installing new vinyl windows, and the specific steps may vary based on the type of windows you’re installing and the condition of your current home windows.

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What Happens After Sears in Houston Installs Your Windows

One of the most important elements of new windows is the service you receive after the home installation is complete. Here are common questions that you should ask about what happens after Sears in Houston window installation.

Does Sears Offer a Warranty on New Windows and Installation?

Sears in Houston wants you completely satisfied with your replacement windows. You don’t have to worry about any product or installation problems. All window replacement work is guaranteed by Sears and covered under trusted warranties.

You’ll get these documents from Sears when your new window installation is complete:

  • Written product limited warranty.
  • Written labor limited warranty.
  • Window manufacture product warranty.

At Sears Home Services in Houston, we know how stressful a window replacement can be. We’ll relieve you of the worry about the job being done right by clearly communicating warranty information when installation is completed.

How long do window manufacturer product warranties last?

Sears in Houston installs Wincore® vinyl replacement windows. Wincore backs its replacement windows with a limited lifetime warranty. You’ll receive written information for the specific Wincore windows that Sears in Houston installs in your home. To get an idea of the warranty you can expect on Wincore windows, visit the Wincore Literature Downloads page and view the Warranty Information document for Replacement Windows. The exact warranty for the Wincore replacement windows that you choose may vary depending on the exact replacement window models that you choose, but you can get a general idea of Wincore window warranties from the online documents.

Keep in mind that Wincore warranties do not include non-conformities or damage attributable to or arising from:

  1. ANY painting, staining, or other alteration of the factory-applied paint surface of the Product
  2. Chemicals or solvents applied to the surface, including by example, stucco leach or acidic brick washes, or, any damage resulting from use of mechanical cleaning implements (i.e. power washers).
  3. Harsh natural environmental conditions, including by example, salt spray or airborne pollutants.
  4. Excessive artificial temperature buildup or exposure, including by example, from using storm doors or windows, or shutters.
  5. Damage from windborne or other debris, high wind or severe storm events or other forces of nature (including by example, hurricane, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.), or external contact due to accident, crime or vandalism.

Refer to warranty documents or contact Wincore regarding any questions about their limited lifetime warranty on vinyl replacement windows installed by Sears in Houston.

How do I request service under the warranty?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Sears window installation, please let us know. Call 1-877-587-7327 or email your request to [email protected]. Upon receiving your request, our customer service team will act promptly to achieve your satisfaction subject to the Limited Warranty on Installation described in your contract and described on our warranty webpage.

For manufacturer product defects covered by the Wincore replacement window warranty, contact Wincore at 1-866-946-2673.

Your satisfaction is important to Sears in Houston. We want you to be confident in your new windows and our installation service. Choosing Sears to install new windows in your home will give you peace of mind that the job was done right and that the new windows will keep you comfortable and secure in your home for many years.

You can trust our window experts to help take care of your house so you can enjoy your home.

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