Ask Sears: Why Do My Clothes Come Out of the Washer Smelly?

By Lyle Weischwill | Mar. 04, 2022 5:35 am PST

Clothes washers need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. A top complaint about front-load washers quickly emerges when you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. You’ll begin smelling a musty odor because mold and mildew builds up around the rubber door boot.

Although you can clean parts of the rubber door boot yourself, you may not be able to reach hidden areas and clean them thoroughly. Also, handling bleach and cleaning out mold can be dangerous and challenging.

Additionally, mold buildup around the rubber door boot can be caused by washer door alignment problems or a clog in the door boot drain. To avoid mold problems and other issues with your washer or dryer, have your appliances serviced annually by a technician. Schedule your Laundry Appliances Clean & Maintain package today to keep your washing machine and dryer in top shape.

Watch our video to find out more about washing machine maintenance.

Top Questions About Washer and Dryer Maintenance

What Does the Clean & Maintain Package Include?

The Washer and Dryer Clean & Maintain Package starts with a thorough inspection of your laundry appliances. The washer and dryer are tested for proper functioning. The technician looks for wear and tear of parts, excessive noise and water or gas leaks. Internal components of both appliances are cleaned. The tech makes adjustments as needed to keep your washer and dryer in top shape.

What Are the Advantages of Having My Appliances Maintained Yearly?

Here are some advantages of having your laundry appliances cleaned and maintained annually:

  • Having a technician perform annual maintenance on your washer and dryer will help them perform efficiently and they will typically last longer.
  • Yearly adjustments can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the washer and dryer so you can avoid unexpected repair bills.
  • Because the dryer uses a lot of energy to dry clothes, keeping the dryer operating at top efficiency can save you money on energy bills.

What Happens If I Don’t Maintain My Appliances?

Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning can cause these problems in laundry appliances:

  • Dryer lint fire. Lint buildup inside the dryer cabinet can catch fire—especially in a gas dryer. Have a service technician clean and inspect the dryer yearly to prevent this problem.
  • Shortened appliance life. Without proper adjustment and maintenance, you washer and dryer parts can wear out prematurely. A service technician inspects all parts of your washer and dryer for wear and makes adjustment to prevent excessive wear.
  • Water leaks. A leaky fill hose or failed inlet water valve can quickly flood your laundry room and cause water damage in your home. The service technician inspects all hoses and water valves for proper operation during annual maintenance to help prevent water leaks.

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