8 Appliance Trends for 2017

modern kitchen with new dishwasher

What’s new in the kitchen and laundry room this year? Appliances are smarter and sleeker than ever before.

Here are a few appliance trends that are getting everyone talking — from pedestal washing machines that let you do two loads at once to smart ovens that allow you to preheat on the go.

8 Hot Appliance Trends for 2017

1. French door wall ovens

Gone are the days of leaning over a hot door. French door ovens solve that problem in a stylish way and are especially great for small kitchens.

2. Smart ovens

How nice would it be to preheat your oven from your phone without having to be home? Now you can.

3. Dishes, power washed

Some new dishwashers feature powerful spray jets that target hard-to-reach areas.

4. Pedestal washing machines

The Kenmore Elite Pedestal washer lets you do two loads at once, with a main chamber that handles big loads and a smaller chamber below.

5. Smart laundry

Download the app onto your smartphone for the Kenmore Elite Smart Washer and Dryer, and you can start and monitor laundry settings on the go.

6. Stackables, perfected

Kenmore’s stackable Flip Control dryer has a control panel that can easily be moved from the top to the bottom to keep dryer controls in reach.

7. Matte white appliances

This year, we’re seeing matte-finish white appliances with sleek stainless handles and pulls.

8. Colored stainless steel

Bronze and black stainless steel fridges, stoves, dishwashers and wall ovens are all on trend.

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