6 Laundry Room Organization Tips

Illustration of washer and organized laundry room shelves

Does your laundry room feel like a mess? These laundry room organization ideas can help you clean up your act.

A messy laundry room can make you feel more stressed about this chore. An organized one, however, could help you feel calmer and get more done.

Follow these six tips to organize your laundry room.

Laundry Organization Tip #1: Shelve it!

Don’t let wall space go to waste. Install a shelf over your washer and dryer. It’s a handy place to store small laundry items you use often, like pre-treating solution, stain sticks, fabric softener and dryer sheets — all within easy reach.

Hack: Get your Martha Stewart on and store these items in decorative baskets.

Laundry Organization Tip #2: Top it!

If you’ve got a front-load washer, take advantage of the flat top and keep your detergent there. It’ll always be within reach.

Hack: Keep detergent from falling off during an aggressive cycle by covering the top of the machine with shelf liner.

Laundry Organization Tip #3: Hide it!

Keep large or dangerous items, such as bottles of bleach, in a wall cabinet. Tuck lingerie bags and rubber gloves in a drawer, and slip a wastebasket for lint and dryer sheets inside a cabinet, along with extras of anything — detergent, dryer sheets. That way you’ll have room on the countertop to fold clothes.

Laundry Organization Tip #4: Jar it!

Decorative and handy, glass jars have myriad uses in your laundry room. Pour powder detergent into one; slip clothespins into another. It adds an air of elegance to your space.

Laundry Organization Tip #5: Hang it!

What to do with those items you don’t want to put in the dryer? Get creative with hooks or a bar you can use to hang them. Keep a dozen hangers nearby.

Hint: Wooden and thick plastic hangers always look more appealing than wire ones.

Laundry Organization Tip #6: Bench it!

A bench with storage underneath comes in handy in the laundry room. Put baskets into the storage nooks, where you can sort dirty whites, colors and delicates in their own nest. That way, you can quickly do the type of load you choose on laundry day. You can also use the bench to sit and fold clothes or stack clean clothes on until you’re ready to put them away.

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