6 Kitchen Safety Hacks

These must-know kitchen safety tips will help prevent accidents and keep kids out of harm’s way.

Dangers lurk around every corner in your home. These must-know kitchen safety tips will help prevent accidents and keep kids out of harm’s way.

Accidents happen when you least expect them to, especially in a busy household. Take the time to brush up on kitchen safety and learn a few unexpected tricks. Check out these tips to help make your kitchen a safe zone.

1. Don’t open the oven door if there’s a fire.

“The best way to put out an oven fire is keeping the oven door closed,” says Sears technical author Belinda Ledesma. “This suffocates the flame and puts it out. If it continues to burn, call the fire department.” You can help prevent oven fires by keeping your oven clean from crumbs and spilled food. For an easy and natural oven cleaning solution, Ledesma suggests using vinegar and baking soda to remove grime.

2. Use baking soda to put out a grease fire.

“If there is a grease fire in a pan, using an oven mitt, place the lid on the pan and remove it from the heat source,” Ledesma says. If you can’t cover the grease fire, Ledesma advises to use baking soda — but never use flour or water, because they will spread the grease and the fire. If the fire cannot be put out safely, use a fire extinguisher.

3. Turn handles over the stove.

When cooking with pots and pans on the stove, always make sure the handles are turned inward and aren’t hanging over the edge. That way, kids can’t pull the pans onto themselves or you won’t accidentally knock them off the stove. Ledesma also cautions to never leave anything on the stove that may melt or catch fire.

4. Use placemats instead of tablecloths.

If you’ve got young kids at home, forget tablecloths and invest in a set of placemats for your kitchen table. This simple switch will help ensure kids don’t accidentally pull a tablecloth off the table, causing dishes, knives and even lit candles to fall on top of them. Try placemats made with silicone to reduce slips.

5. Secure cabinets with hair ties.

Keep cabinet doors closed with hair ties or rubber bands you have lying around your house. Just loop them around the handles to secure your cabinets.

6. Cover outlets with duct tape in a pinch.

Don’t let unused, uncovered power outlets near the floor cause a disaster. Always cover open outlets with outlet covers to help protect kids from electrical injuries. If you don’t have outlet covers, use duct tape until you can get to the store.

Follow these life hacks to help keep your family safe!

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