5 Home Improvement Trends to Watch

Home improvement trends from an expert

Sears’ exterior product guru talks the latest design trends for siding, roofs, windows and doors — and how you can get the look.

If you want to know what’s trending in home exteriors, Dave Lincon is your man. He’s a home improvement expert for Sears Home Services.

This year, he says, it’s all about color. Also trending? Bronze window frames to give your home a stately look.

Here’s Lincon’s take on the latest trends in home improvement.

Q: What are some of the most popular siding colors this year?

A: We’re starting to see trends around the color palette, including darker, richer colors: autumn reds, sages, soft shades of blue. Moss is a popular color, too.

Part of that is driven by home remodeling TV shows that everyone is watching now.

In the past, we haven’t offered those types of siding colors simply because we sell vinyl siding, and the way the product was manufactured before didn’t support those colors. The siding would buckle and peel because of the darker colors.

But now the technology is so much more advanced, and we can offer those darker, richer colors without performance problems. And our customers are taking advantage of that.

Q: Have you seen any new trends in roofing?

A: A roof is what we call a “need product.” You don’t necessarily replace your roof until you need to do it, and there isn’t a whole lot of variety in terms of options.

We sell asphalt shingles, and people tend to stick to one of about three colors: black (of course), green and red. But the trends vary by region.

Out west, you’ll have lighter colors, especially due to certain regulations like Title 24 in California, desert tans, etc. Down in the southeast, you might see a little darker colors and desert tans still, but you’ll see some brown wood and driftwood, too.

Q: What new window variations can we expect to see?

A: This is another “need product.” Our customers usually replace their windows because they’re old and are not energy efficient.

White frames are still the most popular, but we’re also seeing browns, hunter green and especially bronze becoming trendy. Bronze-colored aluminum frames on a stately old home can look so beautiful.

Q: How about entry doors? What are some of the more popular styles?

A: There are lots of options and styles when it comes to doors. We’re seeing our customers choose specialty glass for the windows, and they’re getting creative with the hardware, too.

Our customers tend to go a little rogue, and they’re getting ideas from TV shows and asking if we can help with that. We work with them, starting with what they already have — it’s more about updating and replacing than it is about tearing down walls.

Q: Are there any major themes in home improvement trends this year?

A: Again, it’s the deep, rich colors and accent pieces like shutters. This year, the trends are totally different than last year. We’re seeing more elaborate and unique offerings. We offer color-painted windows, like greens and reds, bronze, orange and browns, to help accent the deep, richer sides.

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