Why Riding Mower Maintenance?

Blue Service Crew pros service all major brands, so you’re covered no matter where you bought your riding mower. You’ll be back in the saddle in time to enjoy a long, green summer.

What we do for Riding Mower Maintenance service:

  • Inspect Carburetor
  • Test Overall Operation
  • Change Oil (New Oil and filter); Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Inspect and change Spark Plug and Air Filter*
  • Change Blades*
  • Service includes an in-home visit from a repair technician. (subject to distance limitations)

*The price of the service above is $139.00. This includes labor, oil and oil filter only. There is an extra charge for any other parts.

Payment & Warranty

We accept Sears Card, Sears MasterCard, Sears Gift Cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, cash and checks for all in-home repair services. Our repair technicians will process payment and any coupons or discounts at the time of service.

Have a warranty or Protection Agreement? Then you are entitled to free support from our Technical Specialists. Call 1-800-424-2047 for help to get your product working again and to schedule an in-home repair visit, if necessary, to make sure your product gets fixed right.