No, really, that's why we're here.

And that's also why we're in your neighborhood. Around the corner, down the street. We're your local crew, ready to help you improve your home. Install something new. Repair what you've got. Clean up a little.

We're around 24/7 on this site, ready to help you out with whatever you need. So we thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

The Product Specialist

aka The Matchmaker

I stop at nothing when it comes to matching you with the perfect appliance at the lowest price. It's my job to know everything about each of the 4,000 models we have in stock. You want the red washer and dryer? Check. You want the red washer with the timed soap dispenser? Check. You want it to make toast, too? That, we might have to talk about.

The Delivery Associate

aka The Stork

I may know every shortcut on the map, but I never cut service short. I make promises, and I keep them. Like next-day delivery to your doorstep. I may be a man of few words, but you'll know you can count on every one of them. And you can count on me.

Installation & Assembly

aka Mr. Go-To

Visions of product parts dance in my head. Hoses, flanges, actuators. That kind of thing. I can make sense of even the most complex assembly diagram. And I'm not done until your installation is too flawlessly and safely, with no parts left over.

Parts & Repair

aka The Answer

I've seen it all. And I've fixed it all, too. I am a legend in my field. I'm paid to make your problems disappear, and with thousands of product manuals and more than 7 million parts on hand, I make them disappear fast. Try me.


aka The Night Owl

Why wait until 9 a.m. when you can solve your problem right now? As far as I'm concerned, all hours are business hours. Feature not working quite right? Need a warranty? Just want to talk something through? Give me a shout, day or night. That's why I'm here.

Now that we've introduced ourselves, how can we help you?

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