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Refer a friend or family member and receive a $200 Sears gift card!

Another benefit of being a part of the family of satisfied Sears Customers is the opportunity to make money by referring a friend or family member! Help family and friends enjoy great service, convenience and security that come with using Sears for all of your home improvement needs. You will receive a $200 Sears gift card for each referral that purchases!

*See terms and conditions.

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The Sears Home Improvement Refer Your Family & Friends Program (“PROGRAM”) is a consumer referral recognition program designed to support referral for the sale of home improvement products for Sears Home Improvement Products, Inc. (“SEARS”). Eligible Participants United States citizens 18 years of age or older excluding employees of Sears Holdings Management Corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries (“REFERRING PERSON”). Reward Structure A person interested in securing an in-home consultation from SEARS under the PROGRAM (“PERSON REFERRED”) or the REFERRING PERSON calls the SEARS PROGAM Hotline at 1-800-683-5964. The PERSON REFERRED or REFERRING PERSON shall provide the name and address of the REFERRING PERSON to SEARS upon the initial inquiry phone call when the PERSON REFERRED establishes a Bona Fide Referral, as defined below. Every Bona Fide Referral will be included in the PROGRAM where the PROGRAM is available. Referrals for eligible SEARS residential offerings, including: replacement windows, siding, entry doors, heating & cooling systems, roofing, kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet refacing will be included in the PROGRAM. A Bona Fide Referral involves a unique customer referral that could be contacted by SEARS, where the customer is a homeowner and is interested in an eligible SEARS residential offering under the program where service is available. Every Bona Fide Referral that generates a valid Contract which is approved for work to begin will generate a $200.00 Sears Gift Card payment to the REFERRING PERSON (“REFERRAL FEE”). The REFERRING PERSON may elect to decline the REFERRAL FEE so that SEARS applies it as an additional $200.00 discount to the PERSON REFERRED’s purchase price. Incentive Acceptance Other than that which is described herein, the REFERRAL FEE paid to REFERRING PERSON is not transferable. No REFERRAL FEE substitution is allowed. REFERRING PERSON must be living at the time of the referral fee issuance in order to be eligible. By participating in the PROGRAM or accepting a REFERRAL FEE, the REFERRING PERSON agrees to release SEARS, its parent company, affiliates and each of their officers, directors and associates from any and all liability, loss or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with their participation in this PROGRAM or with respect to issuing, receipt, possession, use and/or misuse of any REFERRAL FEE issuance or while traveling to or from any PROGRAM-related activity. Participants in the PROGRAM agree to abide by these official terms and conditions and the decisions of SEARS management whose decisions are final on all matters relating to this PROGRAM. Income Tax Liability REFERRAL FEES received through the PROGRAM may be taxable income to the recipient for the period during which the award is issued. All federal, state and local taxes are the responsibility of the REFERRING PERSON. Additional Terms and Conditions All decisions regarding participant eligibility or qualification for REFERRAL FEES, REFERRAL FEES earned by PROGRAM participants, and any other matters relating to interpretation of the PROGRAM terms and conditions are the sole authority of SEARS management. SEARS Management reserves the right to modify or cancel the PROGRAM at any time without cause. +See for Satisfaction Guarantee details. Sears Home Improvement Products, Inc. is a division of Sears Roebuck and Co. The following licenses are held by or on behalf of Sears Home Improvement Products, Inc.: AL (Res. Bldr. #3663; HVAC #8186); AZ (Res. Remodeler #ROC117628 B-03; HVAC #ROC206649 C-39R; Dual Res. & Small Comm. #ROC260459 KB-02); AR (Gen. Bldg. Contr. #203740610-B, HVACR #1004181-B); CA (Gen. Bldg. Contr. #721379-B, Insulation & Acoustical #721379-C2, Cabinet, Millwork & Finish Carpentry #721379-C6, Flooring #721379- C15, Glazing #721379-C17, HVAC #721379-C20, Roofing #721379-C39, Ceramic & Mosaic Tile Cont. #721379-C54; Weatherization & Energy Conservation #721379-D65); CT (HTG, Piping & Cooling Un-Ltd. Cont. #303642-S1; HIC #0607669); FL (Gen. Contr. #CGC012538; HVAC #CMC1249510, Certified Roofing Cont. #CCC1329316); GA (HVAC #CN003489); ID (HVAC #C-6134, Contracting Bus. #RCE-25219); IL (City of Chicago Home Repair #1248977); IN (Evansville Res. Remodeling Cont. #RRC0185); IA (Master HVAC #677); KY (Master HVAC #M04667); LA (Res. Bldr. #84194; HVAC#45862); MD (HIC #87854; HVAC #6528; Contractor/Salesman #46542; HVACR #75581); MA (HIC #148607, All plumbing and electrical services performed by licensed subcontractors); MI (Res. Bldr. #2102131369; HVAC #7110944); MN (Res. Remodeler #20090017); MS (Res. Bldr. #RO5222); NV (Carpentry #43242-C3; Gen. Contr. #60609-B; Plumb. & Htg. Contr. #60610-C1; Refrig. & AC Contr. #60608-C21; Gen. Serviceman #S1469; HVAC #A0072; Roofing & Siding #43240-C15); NY (NYC HIC #1225166, Nassau County HIC #H1809170000, Rockland County HIC #9990, Suffolk County #41506-H, Westchester County WC #18371-H06, Putnam County #3189-A, City of Yonkers #4213); NM (Gen. Bldg. Contr.#GB 98 58598; HVAC #MM98 52598; Elec.# EE-98 58598, MHD HVAC #MM98 C58598, MHD Elec. #EE98 C-58598); NC (Bldg. Limited. #47330; HVAC #15343 H-2, H-3-1, HVAC #30249 H-3-II); OH (HVAC #44752); OK (HVAC #106841); OR (Gen. Contr. #113202); PA ( HI Contractor #PA005499); RI (Res. Contr. #27281, HVAC #6260); SC (Gen. Contr. #105836-BD5; HVAC Res. #RBH-919; Mechanical Contractor #110634); TN (HIC #2319; HVAC-Unlimited Contr. #54995; Res. & Small Comm-Unlimited BC-A #54995); TX (Res. Bldr. Remodeler #9566; HVAC Dallas #TACLB00020401E, Houston #TACLB00028404E, Lubbock #TACLB00027780E; San Antonio #TACLB00029020); UT (Gen. Bldg. Contr. #B-100318604-5501; HVAC #S-350 318604-5501); VA (Class A Contr. #27-084717; HVAC #2710046587); WA (Gen. Contr. #SEARSHI011LA); Washington, DC (HIC #50006423); WV (Res. Bldr,. #WV025882, HVAC WV025882); WI (Dwelling Contr. Cert. #15151; Dwelling Contr. Qualifier #982570; HVAC Contractor #15151). Some services performed by Sears’ associates. Other services and installation performed by Sears-Authorized licensed contractors; additional Sears license information available upon request. 2010 Annual Program

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