Why Walk Behind Mower Maintenance?

A well-running mower is essential in keeping your lawn looking good, and maintaining your mower properly will help to ensure that it operates as intended.

Sears experts are here to help. We’ll give your push mower or walk behind mower a thorough safety check and make sure it’s running efficiently, so you can have peace of mind that it will work when you need it. An efficient, professionally maintained mower will save you money on replacement or repairs and let you get back to enjoying your backyard. The price of the service below is $99.00. This is the total charge for our labor (parts not included).

What we do for Walk Behind Mower Maintenance service:

  • Inspect mower/high wheel trimmers housing
  • Tune engine; check carburetor and battery for proper operation
  • Replace air filter, spark plug and change oil. (Extra charge for air filter and spark plug)
  • Inspect drive mechanisms as necessary on self-propelled mowers
  • Inspect and sharpen cutting blade on rotary mower (mower blade replaced at additional cost if Maintenance with blade replacement selected)
  • Lubricate moving parts, pivot points, and cables
  • Test overall operation of the push mower / walk behind mower and ensure that all safety features are fully operational at the time of service
  • Any other parts and repairs needed beyond Maintenance are extra, and customer will be notified if repairs exceed pre-approval amount
  • Maintenance not eligible on reel and electric mowers, or covered under any warranty
  • Push mower/walk behind mower maintenance available only at Sears Drop-Off Repair Locations